Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

Before any paint correction is undertaken, a thorough wash and decontamination of the vehicle is performed. Paintwork is properly washed and cleaned to remove any loose dirt and debris.

It is important these contaminants are removed before the paint correction process because it leaves the surface very smooth, which in turn, allows the polishing machine to move freely over the surface.

The polishing is usually a multistage process as a range of different grades of polish are used, ranging from heavier cutting compounds, which remove the surface material, to finer products which then remove any marks that the heavier products may have inflicted and generally refine the finish.
During the machine polishing process, a paint depth gauge is used to make sure there are enough levels of paint remaining for the polishing to take place.

REMOVING 40% – 50% OF SWIRLING AND DEFECTS (Based on single stage machine polishing process)

Small – £200.00
(Fiat 500 equivalent size)

Medium – £300
( Audi A4 Saloon equivalent size)

Large  – £350
(Audi A8, Mercedes S Class and Estate equivalent size)

Extra Large – From £400.00
(Range Rover Sport &  Transit Van equivalent size)

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