Paint Correction

Paint Correction

This is a process for rejuvenating and restoring paintwork on a vehicle, by removing surface imperfections which dulls the finish. Imperfections include scratches, bird droppings, swirl marks and holograms.

Prior to any paint correction being undertaken, the vehicle must be thoroughly washed and decontaminated (there may be a requirement for clay barring). By removing the contaminants, this ensures that there is a smooth even surface to prepare for machine polishing process. Rotary or Dual Action machine polishers are used to achieve the best level of correction. During this process, high-powered LED lamps are used to check the condition of the paintwork and ensure that surface scratches and imperfections have been successfully removed.

Once this process has been completed, the panels are wiped over to remove excess oils left behind from the polish and compounds used during the process.

Prices from £300.00



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